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A Fantastical Cooking Adventure

SEDAP! is a co-op cooking-combat adventure where players work together to prepare scrumptious Southeast Asian dishes. Embark on an exciting culinary journey as you venture into Khaya Island to whip up delectable delicacies. Serve your way through a fantastical reimagination of Southeast Asia!

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Grab a friend and work together to serve dishes! Organize your kitchen and race to prepare your ingredients while playing the Cooker or go out and forage for supplies, combating monsters as the Hunter. It’ll take your combined effort to keep your business running.
Prepare a wide range of popular dishes enjoyed in Southeast Asia, such as pineapple fried rice, nasi lemak, ondeh ondeh, and even bubble tea! There’s a ton of dishes waiting to be served up in each level, and maybe a few that’ll take a little more effort to unlock.
Venture through a rich and unique Southeast Asian-inspired fantasy world and unearth the mysteries of the magical Khaya Island. Several biomes each with their own hazards and recipes await, each ready to be discovered and mastered.
Discover more dishes and food as you carry out and delve deeper into your perilous expedition. As you fill more and more pages of your recipe book, perhaps you’ll earn some rewards and unlock hidden secrets along the way.
Spend the resources you earn throughout your adventure to craft new weapons, forge power-ups and upgrade your kitchenware. You’ll need powerful gear and a well-stocked kitchen to face the challenges that lie ahead in Khaya Island.

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