Welcome to kopiforge

Founded in 2023, kopiforge is an indie studio based out of sunny Singapore, committed to crafting vibrant and immersive worlds where players embrace the universal language of play.

Our vision is to inspire joy, laughter and thoughtfulness through our works. We're dedicated to cultivating an open and inclusive studio environment that empowers developers to thrive and excel in their work.

Our Team

Producer & 3D Artist

Jay is a versatile creative who sees video games as an impactful form of art. Catch him headbanging to pop-punk music and various anime openings.

Technical Lead

JT turns game concepts into functioning systems in code form. She has a soft spot for thoughtful and expressive games and interactive media.

Art Lead

Toi creates art for kopiforge and comes from a mostly 2D art background. They can be found bashing skulls with hammers in Monster Hunter.

We are passionate about...

  • Creating fun and engaging video games for players of all ages and gaming experience
  • Connecting individuals through vibrant and immersive game worlds and the universal language of play
  • Handcrafting player experiences with a dedication to delivering high-quality visuals and gameplay
  • Fostering an open and inclusive environment that empowers developers to thrive

Join our Team!

At kopiforge, we're not just building games; we're cultivating a community of passionate creators.

While there are currently no open positions, we welcome open applications from talented individuals who share our vision and values.

Feel free to reach out and introduce yourself - you never know where the next adventure may lead!